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    Who is this man?

    April 12, 2012 by Madame Chichi

    In the new Resident Evil 6 trailer...

    ... when CarlAda tells Jake that he is Wesker Junior, we see another man for just about a millisecond, and since the woman is talking about Wesker at that point, I thought it is, well, Wesker. But he doesn't look like him, so who is he? If you're fast enough, pause at 1:44-1:45 to see him. Could he be that mysterious new character called "Drake Simpson" everyone at Resident Evil Answers was talking about a few weeks ago?

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  • Madame Chichi

    When it comes to relationships, many people think that Chris and Jill are, were, will be or should be a couple. What do you think about it?

    I’ll tell you my opinion: I don’t have a reason to believe that they’re more than just close friends. Although many of you say the Resident Evil universe isn’t a place for great romances anyway – and I totally agree with you –, it does have these moments every now and then, the most prominent example being Leon and Ada kissing at the end of his B scenario in RE2. Leon also flirts with other women in other games and Ashley even has a little crush on him. Then we have Excella making sexual advances towards Wesker, Jessica being jealous of Chris’s former partnership with Jill, and we all know that when Stev…

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  • Madame Chichi

    First of all: This is not supposed to be a "women are better than men" statement, it’s just about the RE universe and something I noticed in the twelve years I’ve been playing these games by now.

    Although Capcom seems to favour the male characters at the moment (Leon was the protagonist of RE4, Chris of RE5, and both will appear in RE6), I get the feeling that all in all, they put much more effort in the creation of the women. Not only that there are many more of them in the main cast, but I also think Jill, Claire, Ada and the rest are just much more competent and memorable than Chris or Leon. For example, everyone will remember the ambiguous spy in the red dress, the beauty fighting zombies in a tube top and a miniskirt, and the open-minded…

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