I have a few things to address and question about the community event. I will list them below.

Time of the Event

The date for the event has already been decided. It will take place on Saturday, March 24 2012. if you can not make it on that day, please inform me and i will take you off the list. But dont remove your friends off your friends list, if you cant make it to the event then no sweat, you can always play with them another time. Due to the overall lack of time I needed to actually sitt down and plan a universal time, the method I had to go with is:

  • Each team decide on its starting time. This will make it easier for everyone plan on when they would want to be on.

Speak with your teams, either on the wiki or on live/psn, and figure out what time would be best for your team to play, and get back to me on that, asap. We dont have much time left until the event. Sorry about the late decision, I totally forgot that I asked this of you, (facepalm) on my part.

Sp0iL13rz!?!?! 0h Noezzz!

Seeing as the event takes place either four days after the release date in america(Merikuh), or the day after the release date to those in europe, I already know alot of you will most likely have played through the campaign before the event anyway. Despite this, to be fair to those on your team who got the game late, or for the people who want to hold off on playing the campaign to make it more epic for the event, dont talk about any key parts of the story... Also if you dont want spoilers, try to stay off the article pages from 3/20-3/24, until we play.

Help Wanted

Does anyone in the event happen to have a capture card? Because it would be awesome if someone who did captured some of the awesome parts of the event and put it up on youtube for ours and the worlds amusement would be gratly appreciated. Also I had originally planned to make userboxes for the event, but that looks highly unlikely due to the fact that i really suck at making templates... I might try a different way to make a template, kinda like a fake userbox, but for now if there are any skilled userbox makers out there that can help me, message me and i will give you the specs.

The Weapons Situation

About the weapons that you have, I want to clarify that it is perfectly alright to switch out for weapons on the ground during the playthrough, and really whenever you want to. Its your playthrough and you should all have fun. But if you want to have the "every member of the team has a specific purpose" thing like i envisioned this event to be in the beginning, then i would suggest keeping the weapon class that you chose, and switching out weapons whenever needed, but keeping the weapon class you originally chose at the start of each chapter.

No mic? No problemo

If there is a member of your team that is micless, Sign into the IRC Channel, and talk to them there.

Dont sign up on this blog!!!

If you want to sign up for this event still, then read the directions and sign up over here.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Is your Party leader not on at the right time? Are you going to be 15 minutes late? Any questions, problems, or concerns be sure to put them here

Lack Of A Full Team?

Due to many people not being able to show up today, many people, including my team, do not have full teams. In order to fix this, you can do one of two things,

  1. Play with an AI (lolno jkbro)
  2. Or invite a friend from someones friends list who would like to play with you.

I figure most people will choose the latter, because most normal human being are proven to run into less explosions, fire, and enemies less than the derpy AI in this game (Trufax).

In Closing

Im apologize for the fact that ive been so disorganized these past few days, i had just got back to college from spring break and had to balance art hw, a 3 page essay, and studying for a math test, with the wikia and updating the weapons pages of the guns that I had used when I was playing the game on tuesday and wednesday. So sorry, but i hope this event goes well.

Tell me how the event is going in the questions comments and concerns blog, which is linked on the section in this blog with the same name. Also remember, if it goes well or even if it doesnt go well, you can always play with the people you met from this event to play orc with when youre bored. To all those in the community event, the most important thing is HAVE FUN!!!!! -Necro

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