Resident Evil Wiki is having its first ever community event. For those unaware of what a community event is exactly, it can be loosely defined as an event hosted somewhere in or outside the wiki by members of the wiki. For this community event, we will be gathering players from all over the wiki to play Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City's Singleplayer Mode Playthrough when it comes out.

We will be broken into groups of 4-6 (depending on how many people can acually play ORC singleplayer online, most likely 4) led by a Team Leader. This Team Leader will be in charge of assembling the team when the time comes for the playthrough. The teams will be selected depending on how the characters they choose will flow with other teammates.


MARCH 24TH 2011 Exact time unknown ATM


XBOX 360

  • An X-box Live Gold Account
  • A Headset*


  • PSN ID
  • A Headset*

*While communication is a big part of this event, headsets are more of a preference than a requirement. You can enter if you dont have a headset, just try to get one before the date we decide for the event. If not we wont penalize you for it, it will just be harder to communicate with you, and that's not a good thing for a squad based game in a community event. Consider it a 95% requirement, you really should have it, but if not, we wont penalize you.


1) Be fair to your teammates, no insulting or racist comments, thats not cool bro.

2) If you pick a Character, stick with it throughout the ENTIRE playthrough.

3) Try to stick with the variant of gun throughout the entire playthrough, and keep a variety of them, not 4 assault rifles, a different type of gun for each player. You are allowed to pick up weapons off the ground, and use them at will, but try to keep your main weapon on hand. If possible, switch to your pistol if you run out of ammo for your primary, and hold out/switch for a gun off the floor until you reach an ammo case.


  • Have some basic knowledge of Resident Evil's 1-4.
  • Be at least over 15 years of age.
  • Add the members of your team to your friends list, and play RE5 or a different game you guys share with each other beforehand to get to know your teammates better. This will minimize the risk of teams not working out the day of the event.



Team 1

  • Codwiki Username | Gamertag/PSN ID | Character | Gun Class
  • xxParty Leader Examplexx | Vector | Sub-Machine Gun
  • Not Party leader Ex. | xxL33T QuikSkopzzxx | Lupo | Assault Rifle
  • I am undecided about-> | CharactersAndGunz | *L,BELT,F | **AR, Shot, LMG

*Characters, L=Lupo BELT=Beltway F=Foureyes V=Vector S=Spectre BERT=Bertha

**Gun Classes, AR=Assault Rifle Shot=Shotgun LMG=Light Machine Gun SMG=Sub-Machine Gun Sniper=Sniper Rifle

X-box 360

1)S.T.A.R.S. Team Alpha

  • Necromancer115 | Necromancer115 | Beltway | M1014/Samurai Edge | Fragmentation Mines
  • Nemesis-T102 | HOODMAN28 | Vector | Assault Rifle/Samurai Edge | Active Camoflauge |
  • Zuraha | Zurahura | Four Eyes | Sub-Machine Gun/Handgun | Program infected |


  • ItsWilliambirkin1FromYoutube | williambirkin1 | Vector | Machine Gun/Deagle | Mimic
  • Floodmonkey44 | Four Eyes | Shotgun/Handgun | Induced Infection
  • LazySoltane | Spectre | Sniper Rifle/Handgun | Sonar Vision
  • Drunk Guy 43 | Beltway | undisclosed | undisclosed |

3)Number One Survivors

  • BurnInIce | Chuckatuckilla | Vector | SMG/VP70 | Detection Avoidance |
  • Buckeyeman98 | Biggins980 | Four Eyes | Assault Rifle/Handgun | Induced Infection |
  • Sovereign777 | That Doom Guy | Spectre | Sniper Rifle(PSG1)/Handgun(HP) | Threat Scanner |

4)HCV Squadron

  • HCV | AkA Viral | Vector | Assault Rifle/Handgun | Active Camouflage |
  • Death24666 | Death24666 | Spectre | Sniper/Handgun | S.I.C. Of Team |
  • T-Bore | GeneticDeadpool | Four Eyes | Light Machine Gun/Handgun | No Mic |
  • Dr. Octagonapus | Darkblood2442 | Bertha | Shotgun/Handgun | Field Medic |

5)U.S.S. Command

  • THE10of13 | USS Command | Spectre | LMG/Handgun |
  • Moondo75 | Moondo75 | Vector | Unknown ATM |
  • Biosnake3 | Biomonkey666 | Four Eyes | Sub-Machine Gun/Handgun |


1)Team Survivors

  • Los95361 | Los95361 | Four Eyes | Assault Rifle/Handgun | Biometric Vision |
  • SoreanAngel | Soreanangel | Vector | Suppressed SMG/Matilda | Stealth Run |
  • Haalyle | Haalyle333 | Bertha | Shotgun/Handgun | Stimpack |
  • Yippee9 | Yippee9 | Lupo | LMG/Handgun | Incendiary Rounds |

2)Operation Moonlight

  • Jakeluc | Jakeluc | Beltway | FN Minimi/Lightning Hawk | Laser Trip Mine |
  • JackKrauser2 | Kikirockz | Vector | Assault Rifle/Handgun | Active Camo. |
  • TrueDespair. | The_Kooler_King | Spectre | Sub-Machine Gun/Handgun | Sonar Vision |

People not sorted into teams yet

Nemesis's blog

Confirmed players

  • KrylanceloXIII | RyanBitz | Four Eyes | Unknown ATM | Induced Infection |
  • Dysyktrix12 | Beltway | Shotgun/Light Machine Gun/Handgun | Blast Armor/Laser Trip Mine |Non-Wiki Member/w Nemesis
  • AleximMose | I Am Alexim | Beltway | LMG(M240 Pref.)/Handgun | Laser Trip Mine/Blast Armor |

New Entries

How To Enter

Place your Gamertag/PSN ID in a comment below, along with a list of 3 characters and 3 Gun Classes you would like use in order from least to greatest. The listing of characters and gun classes is needed to make it easier to make teams, If everyone just chooses vector, its not gonna work out. We will try and choose your first choice, but if its not possible, we will go for either second or third. In a rare case, you will have to be prepared to use a class you didnt choose. Most likely wont happen but be prepared.

If you want to be a party leader, just say so in the comment. But keep in mind that in order to be the party leader, you should have at least a decent connection, be able to assemble everyone when the time comes to assemble your teammates. Party leaders also can lock in what class they want right away, due to the fact that their the leader and the first in the group. They can also name the team whatever they want, but if you dont want to, I gave you a default group name based on your codwiki account/Gamertag. Whichever sounds cooler as a team name. Keep in mind we will only need 1 party leader out of every four submissions In each category, so we might have to deny some party leaders applications.

I have been making the teams so far in certain situations to try and fit as many people's first choice as possible, and to make good team synergy. If you are a team leader, and want to pick your team yourself, and dont want me assigning you teammates, just tell me and ill stop.

If you want to be in a certain party leaders party, or if a party leader wants a certain person in their team, just specify in the comment, and I will give priority to you for that team, but if too many people choose priority, its first come, first serve. Also if your team choices clash with everyone else's class in a team, you will either be made a random class, or be Put into another team.

Ex. Gamertag: Necromancer115, 1)Beltway 2)Vector 3)Lupo, 1)Shotgun 2)Sub-Machine Gun 3)Sniper Rifle


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In Closing

I Apologize for the really long post. If this community event goes well enough, we might be able to do this again with other things like ORC multiplayer, RE6 if it has multiplayer, RE5 Mercenaries, ETC. So be on your best behavior and lets try our best and make this go smoothly. So Cmon guys, Let's Play Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Together!!!!!

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