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  • Raptor22

    New RE6 Info from IGN

    February 15, 2012 by Raptor22

    IGN's got a new article about RE6, here. According to the article:

    • The President we've seen is not Ashley's father, but his successor.
    • The game is set 15 years after Raccoon City (2013).
    • Chris is recovering from a "personal trauma".
    • The T-Virus is not responsible for the Zombies.
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  • Raptor22

    New ORC videos

    January 30, 2012 by Raptor22

    IGN's got some new ORC videos. They're not very long; all of them are about a minute in length; but they do seem to show a new section of the campaign; it looks to be the hospital and the Clock Tower. Nicholai's apparently got a "side project" he's working on (whether it's collecting combat data or he's working for somebody else isn't clear). So zombies and lickers. It appears that Nicholai actually went around and set explosives on a bunch of zombies, as they explode when killed.

    EDIT: And here's the first ten minutes of the first level. To summarize: HUNK takes the Wolfpackto go to Birkin's lab, which is being guarded by UBCS; HUNK mentions they're considered expendable, so gunfight. They get to Birkin's lab, and HUNK and a Redshirt g…

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  • Raptor22

    1up has an interesting article on the effect of RE6's announcement on ORC. The long and the short of it is that the article predicts that because RE6, a totally new story has been announced and will apparently see its release within a year, ORC, a non-canon spinoff, is unlikely to sell as RE fans hold off until November.

    For one, my gaming budget is pretty tight; I can't go around buying any game I fancy whenever, like I did when I was younger. I already am weighing whether I want to play a squad-based zombie shooter, or see what Capcom has in store for us in RE6. Granted, we have very little info about what exactly RE6 will play like, but from the trailer, we already see cover-based shooting and what looks like a more fluid combat syste…

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  • Raptor22

    ORC Achievement List

    January 19, 2012 by Raptor22

    I'm not sure how many of you obsessively collect achievements like I do, but here's the achievement list, barring the secret achievements. Hm... looks like the difficulties will be Normal, Veteran, and Professional. It looks like there's only going to be six missions (Witness regarding the prologue with Birkin and HUNK).

    That said, I'm wondering, since the listed achievements specify the "USS Campaign", with no mention of Spec Ops, I'm wondering if they're going to be playable in an unlockable, secret campaign. There's ten achievements related to the USS Campaign (Six for missions, plus one each for completing the game on veteran and professional, plus one for S-ranking, plus one for S-ranking on veteran or professional). There's ten hid…

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  • Raptor22

    Multiplayer Modes Trailer

    January 13, 2012 by Raptor22

    Capcom-Unity posted a new trailer, with a brief overview of the various multiplayer modes. "Team Attack" seems the fairly standard team deathmatch gametype. Biohazards looks to be a "Capture the Flag" type mode; the goal is to get the g-virus and return it to your base. Survival is well, survival; looks kinda like a competetive version of Mercenaries. And of course, Heroes Mode had it's own trailer.

    We got to see a bit of gameplay with the Spec Ops team from the triple impact trailer as we..

    Link here.

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