This is not a Resident Evil Wiki that stays true to itself. Case in point, most of the material indicated is not correct at all. From Barry Burton's page to Albert Wesker's, the information either; A) has the wrong quote in the form of the very first RE's Jill sandwich, of which is referenced in Revelations 2, B) The picture is incorrect, in it is from "Darkside Chronicles" and not from in game screenshot C) Data is not in the correct chronological order in Brian Irons reveals to Claire about G, or D) Everything is data from Biohazard, of which this wiki is not, although it is, I understand, what the Japanese version is called.

I do enjoy all contributors forums, but they are limited to Resident Evil or Dino Crisis related disscusions. I guess Remakes do rewrite the script of the events at some effort. The Resident Evil Chronicles are not supposed to be remakes. I understand the other storylines like how Albert got out of Spencer's Mansion alive (not to be confused with Spencer Estate), and every detail outside of Resident Evil 1-Code: Veronica-4.

There was nothing needed with Resident Evil of improvement EXCEPT for how the cutscenes were maybe performed, how some scenes were too long or how unbelievable some scenes were, like Albert going on and on about "my mission as ordered by Umbrella," and " My intentions had nothing to do with Umbrella," and "but both you and Barry seemed to think I was following orders by Umbrella.” The guys in the 1996 release did a poor job I admit. Barry's Jill sandwich joke could have been kept, but it was changed as well as of 2002 I guess.

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