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  • I live in Canterlot
  • I was born on September 25
  • My occupation is Princess DUH
  • Twilight Sparkle

    I am concern about the situation on the wiki; Most users complain about almost EVERYTHING, mostly about Blogs and User Rights -this you should deal with it however-, and i've been quite neutral on sides. But im terrible concern about categories; which is an easy way to get the point ranks.

    Some users been abusing this feature by giving some NONSENCE categories. It's considered to be WHOREPOINTING -adding information for the points- and abusing the points. I've warned users and they still be doing the same. Here's a list of the following categories YOU SHOULD NOT BE ADDING OR ELSE by OR ELSE means a minor/long BLOCKING/USER RIGHTS AWAY depending how many pages you've categorized:

    • Non-Canon , Non canon, Non Canon: there been several categories to be p…

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  • Twilight Sparkle

    Hey everyone, how're everyone doing? I hope you're okay. Well i been talking with Forerunner 'bout this for almost 5 months already and we decided to bring back the User of the Month award which hasnt given since 2009. What is that user of the month thingy you talk about Twi? Is a recognition to users for their work, time and good contributions to the Wiki. So far, this is only an small project, if we have enough users Nominating several users due their hard work and contributions, we would gain this feature one more time. For more information click here. I hope everyone can get togheter and vote for that user of Feb´12

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  • Twilight Sparkle

    Dear Resident Evil wiki users and contributors. I know that the badges awards are a bit basic and im aware of that most of you have the same idea to have them in a Resident Evil-ish type. What are the names and pictures of badges that you would love to have to show off?! Here's a list of what they're called so ya guys can think of awesome resident evil related Achievements.

    • Making a difference : Making 1 edit on a page
    • Just the beggining: 5 edits on pages
    • Making your mark: 10 edits on pages
    • Friend of the wiki: 25 edits on pages
    • Collaborator: 50 edits on pages
    • Wiki Builder: 100 edits on pages
    • Wiki Leader: 250 edits on pages
    • Wiki Expert: 500 edits on pages (every 500 edits, it will keep called the same)

    • Snapshot : 1 picture on a page
    • Papparazzi: 5 pic…

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  • Twilight Sparkle

    Since it Ditman Glitch was possible named after its discover or the guy that found about it, could i name this glitch i found (probably 2 years ago but noticed it happens just now 8/26/11 23:50Pacific time), be named after me? Sounds silly but... yeah, like Sparkler Glitch? what do you guys think... i'll write about it anyways.. just wanted to make sure if i could name it after ME :). Sorry if this is a dumb blog, but..idk. Thank you for yer time, Trully yours, Twilight

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  • Twilight Sparkle

    Like most of you, today i seen the gamecon Resident Evil: Revelations trailer, and i think the game will be really good as Resident Evil comes back to the horror and suspense...Wait, what suspense? There wont be almost any suspense at all.. we already know that Chris and Jill live on so Parker and Jessica...and that Il Veltro will be finish-since they didnt mentioned anything about them in Resident Evil 5 as Chris whinned over almost all gay long-. I guess Capcom didnt came with this idea earlier, S#%t no.

    Just saying.... i think they're more dangerous than any Umbrella related person or third party. As a personal opinion, Resident Evil: Revelations had got better since we seen the first trailer in somewhat early 2010 (where we seen a "chris …

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