It's been established now that RE6 is a Resident Evil game made for RE fans. Also many fans familiar with the RE canon knows about Sherry. During the events of the Racoon City outbreak, Sherry acted as a little sister figure to fellow survivor Claire Redfield. Now in RE6 Sherry will be working along side Chris, Claire's older brother.


Working together

As RE fans we know that the RE series is notorious for its poor character development or complete lack of it in terms of the side characters. I guess what I trying to say is given Capcom's history, will there be any dialogue btw the two reguarding Sherry's past with Claire? It would be stupid not to have any, or for Sherry not to recognize similarities btw the two. Sherry might recognize Chris' last name and ask about Claire. Chris might answer, and even update the player on Claire's whereabouts or what she's up to currently. If thats the case, maybe that's what the producer ment when he said there's, "some very exciting character information to reveal in addition to what's already been announced."

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Futhermore since Chris is one of the better developed characters, interactions btw him and Jake (Wesker's son) should be interesting and full of endless possiblities.

Anyways whats your opinion? Do you think CAPCOM will take this chance to create interesting dialogue or will it get left in the dust again?

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