Ustanak, the Tracker is a cutscene that is part of the Resident Evil 6 storyline. It is present in Chapter 1 of the Jake Story.


After Jake and Sherry proceeds, they encountered Javos in the tunnel. But hey have no problem to deal with them, so they're continue running. However, Neo Umbrella unleashes a monstrous hunter, known as Ustanak, to pursue the U.S. agent and a mercenary. As encountered, it wiping out a squad of Javo (and killed the other mercenary with its mechanical right hand). They escape the tunnel, but Ustanak got from there and killed the other Javo with its mechanical right hand (again). They begin to shoot it, but Ustanak is indestructible. As her choice is to run from it, Jake spotted an oil drum and shoot to explode Ustanak. Sherry thanks him for the warning, but apparently he point at it to see as it survives. As he suggests to go with her plan, Ustanak begans to chase them, as they continue running.


Sherry: "Let's go! This is the waste of time!"
Jake: "Yeah, no shit!"
Sherry: "Run!"
Jake: "Eat this!"
Sherry: "Thanks for the warning!"
Jake "OK... we go with your plan."

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