Ustanak 2 is a file in Resident Evil 6. It can be obtained in Chapter 5 of Jake Story. As with all files in the game, the bottom part of this file can only be read on RE.NET.


Ustanak was created to be the ultimate B.O.W. Originally a human who had freely injected himself with the C-Virus, his final grotesque form was the result of Neo-Umbrella's scientists.

Even though he is a manufactured B.O.W., all his mental faculties as a human remain intact, giving him the capacity for cogent thought. This makes Ustanak the perfect candidate for carrying out missions on his own. A side effect of the mutation is that it may even have increased his intelligence as he is able to use complex machinery and equipment soon after picking it up.

Below is a memo written by a Neo-Umbrella researcher just after Sherry and Jake were once more captured and taken to the undersea facility.


Our leader has died. Now there is no one Ustanak will listen to. But he doesn't know and probably wouldn't understand even if we told him. He would just keep following the last orders she gave him.

We made a new weapon for him and also gave him a hookshot like the one our leader used, then we sent him after Jake and Sherry. There's something different about him, though. He seems quiet, like he's filled with intense sadness and anger. Maybe he knows...



ネオアンブレラの研究員が残したメモが見つかっている。 ジェイクとシェリーが海底の施設に拉致されたあと、ウスタナクについて書かれたものである。

「あのお方が亡くなった。こうなってしまっては、ウスタナクを制御できる者は誰もいない。しかし、ヤツはそのことを知らない。教えたところで、理解もできんだろう。 ウスタナクは、ただひたすら守り続ける。例え殺してでも、ジェイクとシェリーを捕縛せよという、あのお方の命令を」

 「新たな武器である鉄球と、あのお方と同じフックショットを装備させ、ウスタナクを、海底基地から脱出を図っているジェイクとシェリーに向けて放った。しかし、気になったのは、いつもとウスタナクの様子が違ったことだ。 静かだった。しかし、底知れぬ怒りと悲しみを感じた。 …もしかすると、主人であったあのお方の死を分かっているのかもしれない」




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