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Vârcolac (pleural: vârcolaci) is a variety of genetically-modified chimeric mammal which lived around a isolated mountain village in Eastern Europe. Named from the Romanian word for "werewolf", they were the result of human experimentation with the splicing of wolf DNA. All vârcolaci are believed dead following the ecological destruction of the region in February 2021.


The vârcolaci were created as a side-product of genetic-engineering experimentation which involved wolf blood being injected into the spine of a Lycan by Salvatore Moreau sometime after becoming one of the Four Lords,[1] and can be considered an off-shoot of the human Lycan.[2] Though considerably rarer than the Lycan, who treated them more as attack dogs than fellow Lycans,[3] they were nonetheless destructive and expanded their territory into the village in 2021 until they were killed a result of the interventions of the BSAA and Ethan Winters, and the ecological destruction by the Fungal Root.


The Vârcolac body is a mix of recognizably human and wolf traits. While walking in a quadrupedal gait like a canine, the limbs are human in shape and proportion, leaving the Vârcolac hind legs awkwardly balanced and often walking on the heels and with knees close to brushing the ground. Both the hands and feet are also identifiably human, albeit the fingers being more elongated and claw-like. The skull is a chimera of the two species, resembling a human with an unusually large jaw consisting of sharp teeth for tearing flesh. The body is also coated in thick hair, typically grey, which covers the spine, scalp and beard prominently. In terms of intelligence, the Vârcolac is effectively canine, demonstrating no higher brain function and relying entirely on its physical strength rather than weapons like the Lycan.


Throughout the campaign a total of 4 Vârcolac (5 in Village of Shadows Difficulty) are encountered, not counting the Vârcolac Alfa. They can be fought or snuck past.

The Vârcolac is very tough and it is advised to fight it with high powered weapons or explosives. However, if the player is low on resources it is better to sneak past it.

The Vârcolac will patrol a certain path when it is present. If it sees the player or the player shoots it, it will run towards Ethan and attempt to grab him. Due to its size, it can not enter buildings. Despite this, it will attempt to get inside through windows or doors but will fail to do so and quickly lose interest. At this moment it is most vulnerable. Like Lycan, the Vârcolac can also jump on rooftops.



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