Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)
V-ACT is the name attributed to Umbrella for the re-activation of the t-Virus following a period of dormancy. t-Virus variants using the V-ACT process will activate when the human host is incapacitated (by either falling into a coma from starvation, or being severely wounded), prompting significant mutations as a last ditch effort to ensure the host's body's "survival".

Research historyEdit

This attribute of the virus came into existence during Umbrella's research into zombies in the Arklay Laboratory. The result of the research was Crimson Head Prototype 1; samples of the virus were later extracted and used for further research.[1][excerpt 1] It was this mutant strain which was leaked in the Arklay Laboratory. Another t-Virus strain, descended from the initial research, created Lickers through the V-ACT process. This strain was involved in the destruction of Raccoon City and Sheena Island.

This term has also been used to classify the C-Virus mutation known as Bloodshot. Due to the C-Virus containing genetic materials from the T-Veronica Virus, itself being a variant of the t-Virus, it too shares the ability to use a form of V-ACT in C-Virus Zombies. When a Zombie's body becomes heavily damaged, namely head trauma, it can potentially further mutate into a Bloodshot.



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    "「V-ACT」という機能と、 それをもたらすウィルスの存在を研究者たちに気づかせるきっかけを作った。最初のクリムゾン・ヘッド。 プロト1を生み出したタイプのt−ウィルスは、 のちに培養生産されたが、 その影響で誕生した―般のクリムゾン・ヘッドよりはるかに高い生命カ・戦闘能力を持つ。周囲の者すべてを瞬時に惨殺するほど狂暴なため解析は不可能とされたものの、 貴重なサンプルであることにちがいなく、 いつの日が調査研究を行なうために封印されている。"
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