The VAM (alternatively titled "V.A.M.") is a large machine used in the NEST to craft the base of the G-Virus vaccine, referred to as "DEVIL".[1]

The machine is located in the B4F experimentation room and requires a security clearance to be accessed. To use the VAM, an empty cartridge must first be placed in a receptacle on its terminal. The system is then activated by a nearby wall-mounted control panel which creates and fills the cartridge with the white-colored vaccine base in a three step process. The cartridge can be removed after the VAM lights a green bulb, indicating that production of the base has completed.[1]


Further notes

  • Despite having an abbreviated name, the VAM is not given a full title.
  • The system is mostly automated, likely done in an attempt to hasten the production of the vaccine in case of emergency, as it will only be effective during the early stages of G-Virus infection.


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