Resident Evil 3 Vaccine

NE-T Vaccine

Vaccine that is
effective against
the virus infection.

The Vaccine is an anti-"t" reagent, which makes a first and only appearence in Resident Evil 3. After Mikhail sacrificed himself in an explosion with "the pursuer", it returned and fought Jill. She won the battle, but was infected by a tentacle of the creature before her victory. Carlos took Jill to the Clock Tower and left for the Hospital to search for a cure.

How to make it

To make the Vaccine, the player will need to get two ingredients: Vaccine Medium (which was known as Medium Base, before being prepared in a machine) and Vaccine Base. The Vaccine is shown as a blue liquid.

First take the Medium Base.
Insert it in the machine at the end of the tubes.
Switch on the power of the machine.
Use switches "I", "III", and "A".
Take the Vaccine Medium.
Find the Vaccine Base and combine it with the Vaccine Medium, and you will have the Vaccine.
Then, go back to Clock Tower and give it to Jill.
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