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A vaccine is a medical term for a drug that is used to prevent infectious disease from establishing themselves inside the body. Types of vaccines include: Killed (weakened or dead microorganisms), Attenuated (To reduce the severity of an infection), Toxoid (made from inactivated toxic compounds), Subunit (creates an immune response) and Valance (immunizes against microorganisms).

Known vaccines[]

A number of vaccines have been developed to counter mutagens. Many of them are potent enough to also act as cures for existing infections of the mutagens that they are designed to counter against.

t-Virus Vaccine[]

Resident Evil 3 Vaccine

A t-Virus vaccine sample.

There are four type of vaccine were designed specifically to suppress the t-Virus and prevent its associated disease.

  • "Daylight" is the name of a vaccine developed by Raccoon University professor Peter Jenkins shortly before and into the viral outbreak in Raccoon City. Daylight is considered the most potent vaccine, because it kills all traces of the virus completely.
  • Elsewhere, Umbrella produced AT1521; a suppressant that both Linda Baldwin and Carter had some level of involvement in.
  • A third vaccine created by Umbrella personnel existed, although accounts differ regarding its origin. In one account, this suppressant was developed by the staff in the Raccoon General Hospital's underground Umbrella laboratory. There was only one sample that was made and administrated to Jill Valentine. In another account, the vaccine was instead created by senior Umbrella biologist Dr. Nathaniel Bard in NEST 2.[1] Despite instructions given to the other NEST 2 researchers to mass-produce batches of this vaccine, by the final days of the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, only two samples existed: one sample hidden in Dr. Bard's laboratory in Spencer Memorial Hospital which was used by Carlos Oliveira to cure Valentine's t-Virus infection, and another which was manufactured by Valentine to take out of the city, but was subsequently stolen and destroyed by Nikolai Zinoviev.[2][3][4][5][6] Regardless of what transpired, there were no more existing samples of this vaccine following the destruction of Raccoon City.
  • A fourth vaccine was created by the WP Corporation to counter the usage of the t-Virus in bio-terrorism.

At least one sample of Daylight was successfully taken out of Raccoon City by Jenkins' acquaintance, Dr. George Hamilton, and other survivors, and duplicated and mass-produced, becoming the recommended form of vaccination against and treatment for t-Virus infection globally.[7][8] AT1521 and the third vaccine failed to be mass-produced due to the viral outbreak, even though the research into what became AT1521 was at least two years old and Dr. Baldwin was evacuated from Raccoon City while retaining the knowledge of its formula and synthesis process.[9] The WP Corporation's vaccine was initially mass-produced, but almost all existing samples were either used up or destroyed in the 2005 Harvardville Airport incident and Air Dome Laboratory incident, with no new doses produced afterwards.[10]

G-virus vaccine[]

G Vaccine

The G-Vaccine

A vaccine for the G-Virus was developed in the NEST. Code-named "DEVIL", it was used only once; Sherry Birkin was given the vaccine as instructed by her mother to Claire in 1998 to stop G-virus that had been infected her.

T-Abyss virus Vaccine[]

A prototype vaccine for the t-Abyss virus was developed in 2005. News of its development led to the entire research staff being killed to fulfill the planning of Commissioner Morgan Lansdale.

C-Virus Vaccine[]

A vaccine was made from the blood of Jake Muller to help prevent C-Virus infection in 2013. It can be used to help treat infection but it has a low success rate if a subject is already infected.[11]

Anti-A Vaccine[]

An Anti-A Vaccine was developed to combat the A-Virus infection, it was rendered useless as a bioweapon on the blackmarket as stated by Rebecca Chambers.[12]


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