Valediction is a cutscene in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.


In this scene, Carlos Oliveira and Jill Valentine meet up at an Umbrella store. Discovering his comrade Murphy Seeker, Carlos runs to his aide; but is forced to kill him after his friend transforms. An extra line of dialogue exists on the game disk, where Murphy suggests that he drank from an infected water supply. This does not appear in playthroughs, though.


Carlos Oliveira: "No!"
Carlos Oliveira: "Don't make me do this, Murphy. I don't wanna shoot you!"

Murphy Seeker: "Shoot me! Dying... drank water."

Murphy Seeker: "Kill me!"
Murphy Seeker: "I finished... not human."
Carlos Oliveira: "Wait, we... we don't have to do this."
Murphy Seeker: "It's..."
Murphy Seeker: "Please hurry. Before loose concious... before too late."
Murphy Seeker: "Kill meee!"
Carlos Oliveira:"ARRGH"
Carlos Oliveira: "Murphy! Why?"
Carlos Oliveira: "No. No."
Jill Valentine: "Carlos!"

Carlos Oliveira: "よせマーフィーおめぇを撃てるか!"


Murphy Seeker: "殺せ"
Murphy Seeker: "俺ハよ もゥ 別のモンになっち マウ"
Carlos Oliveira: "できねぇ! 親友を撃てるか!"
Murphy Seeker: "はやく 意識がなくナッチまう…意味がネェ…"
Murphy Seeker: "殺れ!"

Carlos Oliveira: "マーフィー… "

Jill Valentine: "カルロス!"