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Valerie Harmon, Bsc. (ヴァレリー・ハーモン Varerī Hāmon?) was a Raccoon City citizen.


Harmon studied chemistry at Raccoon University, where she hoped to find a career with Umbrella Pharmaceuticals. Due to her excellent grades and dissertation on "healing technology", she was offered an internship at "NEST2",[4][excerpt 1] which she took alongside her Masters course.[5]

During the internship, Harmon discovered that her roommate, another intern, had developed memory problems soon after participating in a top-secret experiment.[1] Harmon was unaware this was a procedure to restrict the spread of information on their t-Virus Project, and her investigation got the attention of the Intelligence Division soon after. Harmon was abducted and forced to participate in experiments to test the effectiveness of mutants.[5]


Harmon is a "Support"-type Survivor who originally had 1200 (changed to 1100 with the 1.06 update), with special abilities aimed towards helping others rather than herself. Harmon's unique abilities are "Survival Instinct" and "Modified First Aid Spray". The former gives Harmon a sharp eye, and she can mark items in a room for others to see, a mechanic also seen in Resident Evil: Revelations 2. The latter ability is used to both heal injured players in the vicinity of Harmon as well as to temporarily buff up the stats of others.[6] Valerie has 10 spaces for items, more than others with only 8 spaces, except Martin Sandwich .

Skill list

Icon Name Description Type Variant
RERES sv icon customize Modified First Aid Spray.png Modified First Aid Spray Valerie can use a limited duration First Aid Spray to heal or buff nearby teammates. Fever Skill RERES sv icon customize Type006.pngRemedy
Heals nearby teammates of injury and infections.
Base cooldown: 150 seconds
RERES sv icon customize Type007.pngSpray Gun
Uses a Healing Spray Gun to restore teammates's health on the go.
Base cooldown: 120 seconds
RERES sv icon customize Type001.pngEnhancing
Restores nearby teammates' health for a set duration and gives them the effects of a Yellow Herb.
Base cooldown: 150 seconds
RERES sv icon customize Survival Instinct.png Survival Instinct Valerie can mark nearby items and threats, making them easier for teammates to find. Personal Skill RERES sv icon customize Type001.pngCreatures
Marks all nearby items and creatures. Increases damage dealt to marked creatures.
Cooldown: 30 seconds
RERES sv icon customize Type003.pngTraps
Marks all nearby items, objects, and traps. Increases damage marked targets receive from all sources.
Cooldown: 30 seconds
RERES sv icon customize Type007.pngCameras
Marks all nearby items, objects, and cameras. Increases damage marked targets receive from all sources.
Cooldown: 30 seconds
RERES sv icon customize Biochem Expertise.png Biochem Expertise Valerie's unique skills give her team a winning edge. Passive Skill RERES sv icon customize Type003.pngHealing Aura
Boosts the effect of all healing items for Valerie and nearby teammates.
RERES sv icon customize Type001.pngDebuff
Headshotting enemies cancels out 1 enemy buff.
RERES sv icon customize Type007.pngYellow Boost
Increases the effects of Yellow Herbs and Enhancing Sprays for Valerie.
RERES sv icon customize Type006.pngVaccine
Makes Valerie and nearby teammates temporarily immune to infection when they are under Blue Herb or Infection Treatment Spray effects.
RERES sv icon customize Explosive Knowledge.png Explosive Knowledge Makes it easier to use explosives. Passive Skill RERES sv icon customize Type003.pngSurplus
Causes killed creatures to possibly drop Grenades or Flash Grenades.
RERES sv icon customize Type002.pngCounterattack
Allows Grenades and Flash Grenades to be used to counter most creature grabs.
Also removes stock limits for Valerie on explosives sold by the Armory.
RERES sv icon customize Type001.pngNullify
Valerie is now able to destroy traps without triggering their effects.
RERES sv icon customize Type007.pngBlack Taurus Bullets
Increases damage-dealing, camera-disabling, knockback, and crippling power of the Matilda, MUP, and Quickdraw Army. However those handguns consume 1 more Ammo per reloaded shot.


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  1. Base
  2. Equipment Limit Increased to 4
  3. 2nd Equipment Slot unlocked
  4. Equipment Limit Increased to 5
  5. Survival Instinct: Traps unlocked
  6. Equipment Limit Increased to 6
  7. Equipment Limit Increased to 7
  8. Equipment Limit Increased to 8
  9. Biochem Expertise: Debuff and 3rd Equipment Slot unlocked
  10. Equipment Limit Increased to 9
  11. Equipment Limit Increased to 10
  12. Equipment Limit Increased to 11
  13. Explosive Knowledge: Counterattack unlocked
  14. Equipment Limit Increased to 12
  15. Equipment Limit Increased to 13
  16. 4th Equipment Slot unlocked
  17. Equipment Limit Increased to 14
  18. Modified First Aid Spray: Spray Gun unlocked
  19. Equipment Limit Increased to 15



  1. Excerpt from Weekly Famitsu: "ラクーンシティでの就学中、 優秀な成績からアンブレラ社の研究施設”NEST2”でのインターンが決まった彼女だったが、 ルームメイトが記憶障害を発症し、その原因を調査し始めた矢先に拉致されてしまう――。 優秀な化学研究者である彼女は仲間の体力回復を得意とする。"