"I can open/close the valves with this."
— Item examination - English
"これでバルブを開け閉めできる "
— Item examination - Japanese

The Valve Handle (バルブハンドル barubu-handoru?) is an item in Resident Evil 2.


The valve handle is first used on the roof of the police station to put out a fire caused by a crashed helicopter. The valve handle will clear the fire near the wrecked helicopter, allowing Claire and Leon to detonate the rubble blocking the passage to Brian Irons office. Later in the game, it is used again in the Sewage Disposal Plant to elevate and lower a catwalk over a pool of sewage in order to allow the character to pass safely. Claire and Leon can also use the valve handle to deactivate a rotating fan, which will allow them to take a shortcut between the sewers and Sewage Disposal Plant.


Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy can find the valve handle in either Storage shed beside the Raccoon Police Station (Scenario A) or lying on a shelf in an office in the police station (Scenario B).


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