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Real name: unknown
Age: early 30s
Nationality: Japanese
Blood type: O+
Team role: Recon


Little is known about Vector's background, other than he has obviously trained with Japanese masters
as his martial artistry is impressive. His movements are instinctive and smooth – this is in
complete contrast to when Vector is at rest, standing as motionless as a statue.

He has spent time training directly under our own USS Alpha Team leader, HUNK per his request. Both
share a mutual respect for the other's abilities – and have an ice-cold disregard for anyone they
consider inferior.

Vector has been assigned to USS Delta Team where HUNK's influence will live on. Vector has indicated
he would like to continue serving with HUNK but for now the organization is better served with them
on different teams. Perhaps the occasion will arise when they will work together again.

Specialist skills and equipment:

Stealth Run
Vector has unmatched speed on the battlefield and nearly silent footsteps.

Detection Avoidance
Like a ghost, he avoids detection on enemies' mini-maps.

Motion Detector
Sticks to surfaces and reveals all enemies within a specified radius and can potentially stun them.

Vector uses this skill to physically transform himself into another soldier to confuse his enemies.

Active Camouflage
Used to cloak himself while infiltrating enemy ranks and eliminating targets without detection.