"Although small in size, it appears to have some value."
— Item examination

Velvet Blue is a treasure item in Resident Evil 4. It is almost exclusive to the Castle, and is frequently dropped by Cultists as well as stored around the building. The Merchant will buy Velvet Blues for the price of 2,500₧.

Main game locations

Chapter 2

Chapter Area Description
Chapter 2-3 Road to the castle In a barrel

Chapter 3

Chapter Area Description
Chapter 3-1 Castle wall Behind the cannon when its still down
Castle wall Inside the Hut in a box (Where the Iron Mask Cultist is.)
Before castle gate, proper Barrel near the Castle Gate Key
Audience hall In one of the pots
Water hall On a shelf near the entrance
Chapter 3-2 Underground waterway In the right corner after down the ladder (Where is two novistadores)
In the left side before getting the stairs near to the waterway exit
Near to the exit after the

greats sickles

Temple In a vase in the opposite balcony when you enter from waterway
Castle parlour In a pot
On the deer head
Western castle wall On the water source at the center
Also in the water source
Garden In barrel under the bridge, right in the entrance
Chapter 3-3 Gallery Near the display case
Chapter 3-4 Study In the room with the secret passage
Storeroom On a shelf

Chapter 4

Chapter Area Description
Chapter 4-1 Castle gondola A In a pot near to the typewriter
Castle gondola B Room after you get off
Lobby On one of the statues
城-22 Near the Queen's grail
Dance hall Entrance
Outside the clocktower In a barrel before the bridge to the tower
Old aqueduct A Near the spike
In a pipe
Chapter 4-2 Mine On the first cart you see
Near the Boulder
Chapter 4-3 Old castle ruins In the first ruined building
Near the udergrond entrance
Underground ruins Alone the wall in the first hall
In the open area near the left stairs
In the open area on the right end
Near the exit
Chapter 4-4 Cathedral Bottom left area
Middle right area




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