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The Verdugos, Spanish for "Executioner," were B.O.W.s created by Los Iluminados to serve as personal bodyguards or the right-hand men of Ramon Salazar.


The "black-cloaked" Verdugo when it fused together with Ramon Salazar.

The Verdugos were created through the splicing of insect DNA into the genome of human testsubjects which had been parasitised by Plagas.[1][2][excerpt 1]

The Verdugos were created by a fusion of human and insect DNA implanted with Plagas. Two Verdugos, presumably the only two in existence, served as Ramon Salazar's bodyguards. They concealed their mutated forms beneath voluminous, resplendent Los Iluminados cloaks, with one wearing red and the other wearing black.

When Leon survived a booby trap in The castle, the diminutive master of the castle sent his red-cloaked Verdugo to kill the intruder personally. The Verdugo cornered Leon in the sewers under the castle, but the former Raccoon Police Department officer managed to kill or evade it. The black-cloaked Verdugo remained at Salazar's side, eventually fusing with its master and the Queen Plaga to fight Leon, only for them to be killed.



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