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The Verdugos, Spanish for "Executioner," also known as U-III in the reimagining, were B.O.W.s created by Los Iluminados to serve as personal bodyguards or the right-hand men of Ramón Salazar.


2nd Verdugo

The "black-cloaked" Verdugo when it fused together with Ramón Salazar.

A Verdugo was created by a fusion of human and insect DNA completely controlled by a Plaga.[1][2][excerpt 1] Two Verdugos served as Ramón Salazar's bodyguards. They concealed their mutated forms beneath voluminous, resplendent Los Iluminados cloaks, with one wearing red and the other wearing black. The red Verdugo is the result of mutating Salazar's former butler, Isidro Uriarte Talavera, while the black Verdugo is the mutated form of Salazar's former maid, Pesanta.[3]

When Leon survived a booby trap in Salazar Castle that left him in the sewers below, Salazar sent his red-cloaked Verdugo to kill him. Destroying the entrance door and navigating the sewer pipelines above the walkways, it began attacking Leon through the grates as he attempted to relay power to the elevator. Leon successfully powers the elevator, however, causing the Verdugo to attack him more directly in an attempt to prevent Leon from escaping. Depending on the player's actions, it is either killed by Leon or left trapped in the sewers indefinitely.

In the original game, the black-cloaked Verdugo remains at Salazar's side, eventually fusing with him to mutate into the Queen Plaga to fight Leon and dies alongside Salazar when defeated. In the 2023 Remake, it is given the designation "U-III" (not to be confused with U-3, an enemy from the original game that bears some traits with Pesanta's mutated form) and is referred to as "Pesanta" and the "Black Robe" in the content shop and in-game information. It is no longer at Salazar's side when Leon faces him. Instead, it appears in the new Separate Ways DLC where it attacks and infects Ada Wong with a unique parasite during her initial infiltration of Salazar Castle. While she successfully fights it off, it continued to stalk and attack her during her mission, all while she suffered progressively worsening symptoms from the infection. Despite these effects, Ada is able to eventually kill it during a final encounter in the Mines.



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