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Veronica Ashford, 1st Countess Ashford (ベロニカ・アシュフォード Beronika Ashufōdo?) was an influential 19th century British noblewoman. The founder of the aristocratic Ashford family,[1] she was renowned for her remarkable combination of intellect and beauty.[2]


Ashford was born into a wealthy, and perhaps even aristocratic household, though any titles they may have had were not inherited by herself. As a child prodigy, her family's finances helped her to expand her studies into a broad range of subjects from mathematics to biology to linguistics.[1] By the age of ten she had attained at least one Master's degree and was said to have spoken dozens of languages though the degree of fluency is unknown.[1]

In her adulthood, Ashford was met with much prestige, being ennobled with the title of Countess Ashford which would be succeeded by her descendants, who chose to go by her more famous name. A tradition developed from Ashford's ennoblement that each new Earl or Countess be bestowed with an expensive gift from their respective butler. In Ashford's case, this was a golden teapot.[3] Following Ashford's death, the family line was continued by her son Stanley Ashford, 2nd Earl Ashford. She herself was embalmed and kept entombed at the Ashfords' manor. In the 20th century, her remains were examined by her descendant, Dr. Alexander Ashford, 6th Earl Ashford, and samples were taken for the use in the human cloning experiment, "Project CODE:Veronica".[4][excerpt 1]

Family tree of the Ashford dynasty[]

Unknown parent
(modified clone)
(modified clone)


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