Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The Veronica Plant (ベロニカ植物 beronika shokubutsu?) was a flowering plant from the Amazon Rainforest, which mutated from infection with the retrovirus, t-Veronica.


This plant was owned by drug lord Javier Hidalgo, and lived at his greenhouse in his mansion in the Amazon Rainforest. Soon after acquiring t-Veronica Virus as a lifesaving treatment for his daughter, Manuela, Hidalgo infected the plant as well out of curiosity in creating his own B.O.W.s rather than purchasing them from Umbrella or the Organization. Due to the hot and humid conditions of the greenhouse and rainforest as a hole, the rate of the virus' spread across its body was sped up, and through its spores it was quickly able to spread the infection to other organisms in the greenhouse.[1][2] At its full growth, it was estimated to be capable of infecting 60% of the Amazon ecosystem in a 47-hour period, rendering it a serious biohazard threat. Hidalgo considered this highly dangerous, and only kept it as a trump card.[1]

In 2002, operators on a top-secret US military operation discovered the virus while searching for an Umbrella B.O.W. dealer. After a run-in with Hidalgo, the man allowed the creature to consume him. The two fused to create the organism known as "V-Complex".[1]


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