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Veronica Plant is a file that can be found in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.



A thing born as a byproduct of Manuela's reanimation. Javier secretly cultivated the Veronica Plant in his mansion's green house. It is stronger than T-type B.O.W.s by far, while having a much lower operating cost.

By dispersing its spores, it has the power to transform neighboring vegetation into Veronica Plants as well. The speed at which they can spread is astounding. Presumably, in only 48 hours, it could invade 60% of the Amazon. Practically speaking, this extremely dangerous organism could destroy a continent's entire ecological system within a matter of days.

Once it starts to spread its spores, there is practically no effective method of containment. Even Javier considers this B.O.W. to be his trump card only to be used as a last resort, and keeps it under lock and key.

t-ウィルス系のB.O.W.よりもはるかに強力かつ 低コストに運用できるものとして秘かにハヴィエ私邸の温室で栽培されてきた。

その拡散スピードは驚異的であり、 48時間でアマゾンの約60%を侵食すると目されている。

事実上、ものの数日で大陸上のすべての植物生態系を 壊滅させうる危険極まりない存在。

いったん拡散が始めれば有用な対処法がほとんどないため、 ハヴィエも切り札として有事に使うべく、厳重に管理している。