The barrier (関所 Sekisho?)[1] is an area of the village. Alongside seventeen of the casual villager force, two Chainsaw Sisters were also part of the defensive force.


A barracks-like area, coupled with a small mining operation. The locals make sure that this is the first line of defense from anything from outside the village. 

Guide Edit

A dumpster for Ashley to hide in sits immediately in front of the starting point, as well as an explosive wagon with three Ganados gathered around it. There are two more further down the path, coming to an end at a ladder. A barrel containing a random item sits near the bottom of that ladder in a small alcove. Four more Ganados patrol the upper portion of this area. A small drop-down area around the back of the 'arena' in the middle contains Shotgun Shells and a barrel with a random item. A barrel sits near the top of this ladder with yet another random item. Another red dumpster inside which Ashley can hide also sits on the perimeter of the arena. 

Dropping into the arena spawns the Chainsaw Sisters and a handful of Ganados. One of the sisters drops a Ruby while the other drops the Camp Key. The arena contains two randomized barrels and the door unlockable only with the Camp Key. 

Past that door is a path with multiple sandbag walls on either side. A box sits next to a door to the right with a random item inside. Through this side door is a small hut with a randomized barrel inside, and a small basement area with a Hand Grenade. To the left on the ground floor is a breakable window, and proceeding down the hidden path will reward with the Red Gem and a Flash Grenade.  Proceeding down the path gives another randomized barrel and another red dumpster. Rounding the corner, multiple waves of Ganados will spawn from the two watchtowers in the area and attack. Most, if not all of these Ganados will drop a decent sized money box, as a reward for taking this path. Proceed through the barred door past the towers to proceed. 


Location Action Localization Original script
The camp door while it is locked OPEN (locked door sound) It won't open. It's locked. The shiny thing hanging from that hag's neck must be the key for this door.
The door to the Lift OPEN (view door and wood bar disappearing) You've unbarred the gate.




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