The Cave (洞窟 Dōkutsu?)[1] is an area of the village.


A small chapel at the north of the pueblo with a tunnel running beneath it, leading to a graveyard and church in another part of the settlement. 


Main GameEdit

This room requires a key to enter, the Insignia Key and is an area that Leon S. Kennedy goes through two times, on his way to save Ashley Graham and on after he rescues her to go through the Village centre to try to escape. It leads him from the centre to the church that Ashley is located in. 

Located in the chapel proper is a Typewriter on a table, a box of Handgun Ammo on a cupboard, and a box containing a random item. Through a door at the back, in the small room with the lantern, a barrel containing TMP ammo can be found. Shooting the lantern above the trap door reveals a Spinel. This can be done more than once throughout the game, but only produces the Spinel only once. Moving down through the tunnel, another lantern can be found. Shooting this will reveal two Spinels and an Elegant Headdress that can be shot off of the ceiling to be obtained. A box containing a random item sits nearby. The Merchant has set up shop just a little ways past this. Climb up the ladder at the end of the cave to proceed. 

Separate WaysEdit

Enemies are encountered in this area, attacking from the tunnel. A couple will ambush you from behind once you've jumped down into the cave, and more will pincer attack you when you've reached about the area where the Merchant is in the main game. 

The Merchant has moved to the chapel proper, next to the Typewriter. The small box in the chapel now contains a Snake instead of a random item. There are no treasure-bearing lanterns this time around.

A box of Handgun Ammo and Shotgun Ammo can be found in the alcoves leading down to the open area in the tunnel. In the open area, two random items sit on the floor to either side of the small box, including even Bowgun Bolts, if you're on Round 2+. The Green Gem is found in the small box. 


Separate WaysEdit

Location Action Localization Original script
The door to the village centre OPEN I have to get to the church. There's no time to go back now.




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