The church (教会?) is situated on the outskirts of the village, located near the lake. It was used as a temporary prison for the villages captive Ashley Graham.


The church doors are locked using a large Round Insignia as a key.

If the bell is rung by Leon during the main story (by shooting it), several of the Los Ganados will come running to the church, unaware of Leon's presence. This only works during the day, however.

If Leon re-enters the church after he saved Ashley, he will encounter two Cultists armed with crossbows that appeared in the previous cut-scene. If killed, the cultist on the right drops a box of 5,000₧ and the one on the left drops a box of Handgun Ammo.

A barrel containing a Flash Grenade sits at the end of an alcove on the right side of the ground floor of the church. A box of 3,000₧ is located at the front of the church, on the table to the left of the podium. Gaining access to the second floor via ladder, the only way to access the light puzzle is to swing across to the other side using a chandelier. On this side, to the right, are two barrels. One contains a random item, and the other contains an Incendiary Grenade.

The room Ashley is held captive in has six barrels inside, 5 containing random items, and the sixth containing a Green Herb. After busting through the window, the small enclosure the player ends up in contains four barrels. Three contain random items, the last contains a Red Herb.

Puzzle Content

Non-optional puzzle

Inside the church on the second floor is a panel that, when interacted with, turns on three lights and projects them onto the wall. The red, blue, and green lights are illuminated separately, until the button to combine them is pressed. To solve this puzzle, the three lights must properly illuminate a Los Illuminados insignia on the wall between all three. There are no hints on how to solve this puzzle, save from some key features of the insignia being visible in each pool of light, and making the proper orientation easier to understand. Once the three lights are combined in the proper orientation, the gates barring off the room that Ashley is being held in raise, allowing access and progression. 

SOLUTION SPOILERS: Red gets rotated twice, green gets rotated three times, and blue gets rotated once. Combine and this will solve the puzzle. 


Main game

Location Action Localization Original script
The alter CHECK (view) This insignia's everywhere. I wonder if it's a religion from this region?
The iron bars while they are down CHECK Ashley's gotta be here somewhere. There's gotta be a way to open this.
The side door OPEN (unlocking sound) You unlocked it.

Separate Ways

Location Action Localization Original script
The door where Ashley is being held CHECK (locked door sound) The door won't open. It's locked. I can hear someone whimpering on the other side.




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