The quarry (採石場?) was an area in the southern portion of the village where mineral was being extracted. A mine was also present in this area, being used by the Ganado to imprison a Gigante.


Three huts can be seen around the mining area along with some few equipment for miners to use. A huge door can also be seen, though it was indicate while examine that something quite possibly huge was apparently growling behind it. Upon returning, a group of villagers had awaken the Gigante as they struggle to pull it out, but the Gigante break frees and kill them. Later, Leon fights with the Gigante with a help from a wounded dog who he help from a bear trap.


A barrel to the right of the entrance contains a random item. Upon the first visit to this area, a murder of crows all stand together toward the middle of the open quarry area. The crow in the middle-back drops a Flash Grenade, while the rest drop money or ammo. Inside the first shack is a box of Handgun Ammo and a Spinel, and inside the third shack is another box of Handgun Ammo. A Spinel sits on a wagon to the left of the entrance gate. Two barrels sit past the exit gate, providing random items. 

The two barrels near the exits respawn come night time, as well as the barrel near the exit leading to the cemetery. The El Gigante drops gold bars worth 15,000₧ when killed. A box of Handgun Ammo, a Red Herb, and a Yellow Herb all sit along the west wall of the makeshift arena. The shacks are newly stocked with items, with one containing a box of Shotgun Shells, a Spinel, and a box of money. The second contains a box of Handgun Ammo and a box of money. The last contains TMP Ammo, a Spinel, and a Green Herb


Location Action Localization Original script
The large door CHECK It looks like the gate's securely shut. Wait. I can hear something growling on the other side.




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