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The road below the cliff (崖下の道 Gaika no michi?)[1] is an optional area in Resident Evil 4's main story, which must be played in Chapter 2 of Separate Ways. Both involve the player fighting and killing the same El Gigante (evidently the main story canon has Leon take the other route).


The area consists of a narrow canyon full of wooden constructions and scaffolding. Two large wooden gates divide up this area, but chains on the small doors at the bottom can be broken to allow access through them. Two huts sit at the middle of the area. 


Walking near the first gate triggers the spawn of an El Gigante (who drops 15,000₧ upon death) at the beginning of the area, from where the player entered. A weak piece of scaffolding above the player's position can be shot to drop a large boulder down into the path, either delaying the El Gigante's progress forward, or doing large damage if hit directly.  Past the first gate are two shacks absolutely riddled with items. The first contains TMP Ammo, Handgun Ammo,  a Spinel, a box of money, and an Incendiary Grenade. The second contains two boxes of Handgun Ammo, two Spinels, two boxes of money, a box of Shotgun Ammo, and the Old Key (necessary to leave this area through the other side). A box sits between these two shacks off to the left, containing a random item. A suspended bucket past the second shack sparkles, and shooting the sparkle will drop the Purple Gem. A box of Handgun Ammo sits on a bench under this bucket.  Breaking the chains off of the second gate and proceeding through the door at the end of this area using the Old Key is all there's left to do.

Separate Ways

Some of the scaffolding has barrels sitting upon it, which can be accessed using the Hookshot contextual button press. A First Aid Spray is one of the couple items contained out of the two barrels, the other is the Yellow Catseye


Separate Ways

Location Action Localization Original script
The door to the Lift OPEN (Locked door sound) It won't open. It must be locked.



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