The road to the castle (古城への道 Kojō e no michi?)[1] area is the last part of the village explored by Leon S. Kennedy and Ashley Graham. A truck will drive along this road attempting to run them over.


It is a small sloped road connecting the outskirts of the village to the castle's drawbridge.


There are three Ganados along the road, but the real threat is a truck that will try to run over Leon and Ashley. Its necessary to shoot the driver or the engine to cause the truck to crash off-road. More Ganados will spawn behind Leon and Ashley as they move on (if the player walks backwards facing the gate, the villagers won't spawn right away). A box of 5,000₧ can be found at the rear of the crashed truck. A box of Handgun Ammo sits next to the starting gate, and a couple barrels containing a Velvet Blue (the first of its kind so far) and a random item. Proceed up to the drawbridge to start a cutscene and begin 3-1. 




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