The Valley (渓谷 Keikoku?)[1] is an area of the Village that is featured in Resident Evil 4. This area introduced the merchant who sell weapons and other goods.


The valley is a spacious with a wide range of obstacles and terrain. To the south and separated from the rest of the valley is the compound where Leon and Luis wake up in. The east side of the valley is a winding path going up a hill, and is fortified. To the west is a large building which can be climbed. Finally, to the north is a smaller building, located adjacent to the door leading to the factory ruins. Between the north, south, east and west segments of the valley is a deep chasm, and people must either go around it or walk on bridges.


Leon S. Kennedy and Luis Sera wake up chained together in a shack. A Villager enters, attempting to kill them with a hatchet, but Leon and Luis are freed when the axe cuts through their chains. Leon then kicks the villager against the wall, breaking the man's neck. Luis takes the opportunity to escape, and Leon is left alone. Exiting the shack, Leon meets the Merchant for the first time. The Valley Camp itself is filled with Villagers, and the door out of the valley is locked, requiring Leon to assemble the two pieces of the Hexagonal Emblem to leave.


Health Weapon Location
A 1000 Fork Stairs to the compound
B 800 Unarmed Stairs to the compound
C 800 Axe Bridge leading to west building
D 1200 Sickle Bridge leading to north building
E 1000 Dynamite Top of valley slope
F 1000 Dynamite Roof of north building
G 1000 Sickle Roof of north building
H 800 Dynamite Top of valley slope
I 1000 Dynamite Top of valley slope
J 1000 Fork Inside west building
K 800 Sickle Inside west building

There are a total of eleven enemies in the valley, four of whom armed with dynamite which can be used as an infinite ranged or suicide weapon.


The Emblem (Right half) is found on the roof of the building in the middle of the area. It is accessed via a ladder on the inside, or a ladder on the outside of the building.

The Emblem (Left half) is located at the top of the hill to the right of the initial building inside a chest.

Handgun Ammo is located on the shelf inside the starting room. Just down the hallway is a table with some Rifle Ammo and a Typewriter to save on. Outside the house to the right is a barrel with a Green Herb in it. To the left of the exit to the house, the Merchant waits around the corner. Behind him around another corner is two barrels, one with a Red Herb and the other with a random item inside. Entering through the double doors into the valley proper causes two large waves of villagers to aggro to your position, spawning in different places depending on where the player moves during battle. This can include the top of the hill on the east side of the valley and behind the small shack on the west side. The large shack on the west side of the valley contains Shotgun Ammo in a small mud room. In the main room is Handgun Ammo sitting on the corner of a box, and a Flash Grenade in a locker against the back wall. Outside the window next to this locker are two barrels containing random items. On the roof of this shack is the Right Half of the Hexagonal Emblem, and a barrel containing a random item. Another barrel containing a random item sits at the bottom of the ladder right next to the previously mentioned barrel, on the exterior of the house. The other shack in the valley proper contains two lockers, one with a box of money, and the other a Yellow Herb. Two barrels sit outside containing random items. Follow the ladder leaning on this shack to get on the roof, then follow another ladder up a bit of scaffold to find a barrel with guaranteed Shotgun Ammo inside. The locked door requiring the Hexagonal Emblem is next to this shack, as well as some scaffolding creating a dead end. Following the right path in the valley leads up a hill, where two barrels can be found. One contains guaranteed Rifle Ammo, the other contains a random item. The Left Half of the Hexagonal Emblem sits in a chest up here as well. Assemble the Hexagonal Emblem using the two halves and insert into the locked door on the other side of the valley to proceed. 


Location Action Localization Oringal script
The door to the next area OPEN It won't open. It looks like something fits inside this hexagonal indentation. (Keys/Treasures screen comes up)
Using the Hexagonal Emblem on the door You used the Hexagonal Emblem .




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