The village chief's house (村長の家 Sonchō no ie?)[1] is one of the areas in Resident Evil 4. The house belongs to the chief of the village, Bitores Mendez, and is on the outskirts of the village.


The chief's house is a far larger house than any of the other houses in the village, complete with a back door garden and even a shed and well for the chief.

The house back entrance had a sign post, and the path was rigged with explosive tripwires and traps. The back door require a puzzle solving to enter. Inside the house, a framed picture of Osmund Saddler and Bitores Mendez, along with a painting of the church and a lake can be seen. The Insignia key can be found here. This house also filled with various furniture along with an proper eating table, urinal and a kitchen. The entrance is guarded by a villager with a chainsaw. The room also contain bookshelves that are apparently written in English.


At the start of the area, three crows sit in the path to the house. The crow closest to where the player stands has a high chance to drop Handgun Ammo, but drops money all other times. The two crows in the back drop money, and can both be taken out with a shot of the explosive tripwire they sit below. To the left is a well that has the Brass Pocket Watch hanging over it. Shoot the board support, then the Watch to have it fall safely and cleanly into your possession. The small shack next to that contains a crate and a barrel, both containing random items. The next obtainable items are in the Chief's room. A box of Handgun Ammo sits in the desk, and a box of money in the wardrobe. After picking up the Insignia Key and leaving the room, the Chapter 1-2 Ending scene will play where Bitores Mendez attacks Leon and warns him that he is one of them, knowing Leon was infected by Las Plagas and the chapter ends. If during Chapter 1-3 the player goes back into the room that had the Insignia Key, Chapter 1-3 scene 1 will be triggered where Mendez attacks Leon once more and is rescued by a woman in red who shoots the chief through the window. After the scene, the window will be shattered.

In the cupboard behind the player's 1-3 starting position is a Green Herb. Downstairs in the kitchen, located in the oven is a Brown Chicken Egg. At the back of the house on the ground floor is a cabinet containing an Incendiary Grenade and a cupboard with a box of money. Outside, a Chainsaw Man and his cohorts wait. The Chainsaw Man drops a Ruby upon death, worth a hefty 10,000₧. Just about where those villagers stand on the path is a bird's nest in a tree above the path, which will drop a Spinel when shot. In the shack mid-way down the path, a box with a Red Herb sits. Just a little ways more down the path is another bird's nest. This one contains TMP Ammo. Remove the bar from the door at the end of the path and Open it to proceed. 


Main game

Location Action Localization Original script
The well CHECK It stinks here too.
The signpost CHECK Does this signpost mean more booby traps?
The locked door CHECK It's a large crystal ball. It looks like it rotates. Which way will you turn it?

「埋め込まれた水晶玉が動かせそうだ… どの方向に回す?
>上  >下  >左  >右  >やめる」

The bookshelf CHECK They're all text books written in English. But I don't have time to read them. 「学術書ばかりだ
The window after the extra scene CHECK Woman in red... Somehow so familiar. 「彼女は…ませか…」
The painting at the bottom of the stairs CHECK This must be a painting of that church. I hope Ashley's still okay.
The toilet CHECK Looks like they use toilets. Guess they're at least somewhat civilized.
The dining table CHECK Looks like the people in this house eat like normal humans.
The painting by the fireplace CHECK (view the painting) It's a painting of a lake. Maybe it's around here somewhere?
The downstairs bookshelf CHECK It looks like the people here carry out their lives like ordinary people. They even read books. 「生活して本も読む……やはり彼らは人間なのか?」
The exit door while it is barred OPEN (view door and bar gets removed) You've unbarred the door.

Separate Ways

Location Action Localization Original script
The bookshelf CHECK There are some interesting books here. I'd like to browse through them, but I need to find that Spaniard first.
The tunnel to the Factory ruins CHECK I could probably climb down through here. But I have to take care of minster cool first.
The well CHECK Here's that awful smell again.
The signpost CHECK What a disturbing signpost.
The painting at the bottom of the stairs CHECK (view painting) It's the church from before. I certainly don't have any reason to go back there.
The toilet CHECK The toilet is filthy. The concept of hygiene is lost on these villagers.
The dining table CHECK This is the first table I've seen that's not covered in filth.
The painting by the fireplace CHECK (view painting) This is hardly a masterpiece.
The downstairs bookshelf CHECK I'd like to check out these books, but I need to track down that womanizer first.




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