The Waterfall ( Taki?)[1] is located to the south-east of the village centre near a lake. The kaitaishinsho guide gives it the tag village-15 (村-15 mura-15?). A ganados with Plaga was introduced here. Upon killing it, a bar can be looted from its body.

Description Edit

A complicated system of aqueducts was used by the local inhabitants to divert the river, thereby disrupting the flow to the waterfall and allowing entry into the cave system behind it. Once the path is clear, a group of ganados cames to attack Leon. Inside the cave, the Round Insignia can be found, which players can use to enter the Church. Once taken, the door will automatically open.

Guide Edit

Midway down the initial path of this area, two enemies stop the player, and introduce the addition of Plaga A as enemies. The ganado who mutated during the cutscene drops gold bars worth 5000₧ upon death. A side path containing a barrel with a Hand Grenade inside exists midway down the descent toward the cliff side, before the second river crossing point. 

A Spinel can be shot off of the cliff side, high up and to the left of where the player starts after repelling down the cliff. A box of Handgun Ammo and a barrel containing a random item sit in the watchtower directly ahead of the bottom of the cliff. Three suspended boxes must be shot to proceed across the river. Heading toward the waterfall, the Amber Ring is sitting on a beam, which must be shot down to obtain. A barrel containing a Green Herb sits on a raised platform next to this. On the far side of the river, a barrel containing a random items sits under the platform with the lever on it. Pulling the lever opens a passage behind the waterfall, allowing access. A hoard of ganados attack from the newly opened passage and from the far side of the river once the middle platform has been reached. Deep into the passage behind the waterfall, the Round Insignia is pulled from wall, revealing a door. This door leads to Waterway B. 


Enemy detail provided from the biohazard 4 kaitaishinsho guide.

Letter Enemy Location Hitpoints
A Villager (Sickle) Standing on the raised platform against the river on Leon's end when climbing down 300
B Villager (Parasite) Standing near the starting point 3000
C Villager (Axe) Ditto 1500
D Villager (Sickle) Standing near the river on Leon's end when climbing down 1000
E Villager (Torch) Ditto 1200
F Villager (Axe) Runs out through the waterfall 1000
G Villager (Sickle) Ditto 800
H Villager (Fork) Ditto 800
I Villager (Unarmed) Ditto 1200
J Villager (Torch) Ditto 1000


Location Action Localization Original script
The waterfall while it flows CHECK The current is too strong. There seems to be a path on the other side.




  1. Hamamura (ed.), kaitaishinsho, p.212.
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