Waterway A (水路A Suiro A?) is part of a large underground cave system, with this component being located under the village's southern quarry. A boat can be taken from "Waterway B" to A. A Merchant shop is also located here.


It is a large underground cave filled with waters which connect to Waterway B. The caves is swarming with bats thought they brings potential harm. A merchant had occupied this area with various weapons.


A box of Handgun Ammo sits directly ahead of where the ladder drops, with a barrel containing a random item and a Typewriter not too far around the corner. The Merchant has set up shop in a small hut, and a barrel around the back contains a random item. 

Black Bass can be shot and killed, but not collected, due to the nature of the boat acting as a loading trigger rather than a mode of transportation. 


Location Action Localization Original script
The weapons to the left of the Merchant CHECK There's enough weapons here to start a small war.




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