Waterway B (水路B?) is a section of an underground cave system, with an exit leading to the wall behind the waterfall. A boat can be taken from here to Waterway A.


Waterway B is an underground cave passage which connect the Waterfall into the Quarry. The place is swarming with bats.


Upon entering, there is a torchlight on the right which contains one spinel, and two barrels containing random items.

Enemy guide

Kai-tai code Type and weapon HP Location and notes
A Villager (sickle) 300 Spawns at the start. Drops 500PTAS when killed.
B Villager (parasite)[note 1] 3000 Emerges after moving the sluice gate
C Villager (axe) 1500 Emerges after moving the sluice gate
D Villager (sickle) 1000 Emerges after moving to the central scaffold after the water stops
E Villager (torch) 1200 Ditto
F Villager (axe) 1000 Ditto
G Villager (sickle) 800 Ditto
H Villager (shovel) 800 Ditto
I Villager (bare hands) 1200 Ditto
J Villager (torch) 1000 Ditto
  1. This enemy's Plaga emerges immediately, without the Ganado being injured.





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