The wetlands (?) was an area around the village, located to the east of a Quarry on the way to the lake. An antique pipe can be found here.


A narrow path downward through the cliffs lead to a flooded area with several huts and wood paths.


This area is guarded by multiple Ganados and contains tripwires all around. There are many snakes which players can shoot to obtain the three varieties of eggs. Once all the five Ganados guarding the first boardwalk have been taken out, two groups of ganados will charge from behind, coming down the path from where the player came in.

The shack next to the entrance to this area contains a box of Handgun Ammo sitting on the table inside, and a barrel containing a random item. A Spinel waits to be shot off of the cliff side high up and behind the player when the boulder chase sequence ends. A Hand Grenade is located to the left of the initial boardwalk into the swamp, on a small elevated patch of ground. The shack at the end of the first boardwalk contains two boxes and a barrel. The boxes contain a snake and some guaranteed Shotgun Shells, and the barrel contains guaranteed TMP Ammo. Around the south side of the swamp is a tree with a nest in it. This nest contains the Antique Pipe. On a bench on the raised boardwalk right next to this tree sits an Incendiary Grenade. The shack at the end of the swamp area has a table with a box of Handgun Ammo on it, as well as a box containing a snake. 


Location Action Localization Original script
The signpost CHECK Heads up...




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