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A map of the village. Note that the directions are reversed, with south being at the "top" and north at the "bottom".

The Village was a small unnamed community located in a mountainous region of Eastern Europe. It is the primary setting and eponymous location of Resident Evil Village.


There has been continuous or near-continuous human habitation of the mountain range for millennia. Although no exact age has been determined, Mediæval folklore would indicate the region was once the heart of a powerful kingdom so ancient that nothing else was known of them. Ruins left by this people included four towering statues called the "Four Kings".[1] The village itself may have been established considerably later, with four people in particular named in their folklore as its founders: Nichola, Berengario, Guglielmo, and Cesare, who was a Duke. The Pagan roots of this community are evident by Nichola's stone idol of a goddess, and a steel icon of the mythological Norse creature, Hræsvelgr.

During the Late Mediæval Period, efforts were made by the emerging states to expand into the mountains. Although there was little interest in the people and their resources, control of the mountains were an important military endeavour. One such state was responsible for the construction of a castle to the south in the 15th century, later known as Castle Dimitrescu.[2] The villagers were treated with suspicion and contempt by the more pious of soldiers who had set up their own fort to the west, who saw them as either heretics or pagans.[1][note 1] Efforts continued over time to Christianize the region, however, as evident by Orthodox artwork in one of the ruined buildings to the east of the village. How successful these efforts were is uncertain, as even to the 19th century it was a refuge for people such as Norshteyn, who were ostracized from their own communities for their religious beliefs.[3]


Some point before the turn of the 20th century, a woman named Miranda took up residence in the village. She gave birth to a daughter, Eva, in 1909, but the girl tragically passed away during the Spanish flu pandemic ten years later. Distraught and inconsolable, Miranda wandered into a cave near the village and stumbled upon the Fungal Root that ran under the village, unwittingly infecting herself with the Mold in the process. Contacting the fungal hive mind, which contained the consciousness of everyone who had ever died and been consumed by the root, Miranda became convinced that she could revive Eva through the power of the Mold.

To achieve her goal, Miranda took over the village by presenting herself as a divine figure, leading the inhabitants to worship her as "Mother Miranda". In reality, however, she was using them as guinea pigs for her experiments with the Cadou parasite she developed, trying to create "the perfect vessel" for Eva's consciousness. All of her attempts proved unsuccessful, with most of the subjects dying or mutating into Lycan monsters that began populating an old Stronghold outside the village perimeter. However, four subjects demonstrated unique reactions to the Cadou while retaining (most of) their cognizance, themselves descendants of the Four Kings who had founded the village: Alcina Dimitrescu, Salvatore Moreau, Donna Beneviento, and Karl Heisenberg. Recognizing their potential usefulness in her work, Miranda adopted these four as her own "family", appointing them as the Lords of the Four Houses and operating together as a council.


After a century of failed experiments, Miranda finally learned of a potential candidate for her master plan: Rosemary Winters. Her initial attempt to capture the child was thwarted by Chris Redfield, but she faked her death at his hands in order to violently abduct the baby and bring her to the village. She then divided Rose into four pieces that she split among the Lords, tasking them with keeping the pieces safe until she was ready to begin the resurrection ceremony.

Since Miranda's plan required a large number of sacrifices in order to empower the "Black God" containing Eva's consciousness, she had the Lycans slaughter everyone living in the village. She also lured Ethan Winters, Rose's father, into destroying the Four Lords and further fueling the Black God. When the master root awoke, the village was severely damaged by its emerging tendrils and the ensuing assault by the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance and the Hound Wolf Squad led by Chris Redfield. What little was left of the village was annihilated with the Black God when Ethan detonated a N2 Explosive on its core, which Chris had planted earlier.


A goat statue

A magic ring depicting the Black God.

Over the course of its history, the village developed a unique culture that preserved traditions lost to much of Europe by the 21st century. A particular religious fascination with goats existed for millennia, with the earliest being the carving of two statues of men with goat heads. In later traditions, villagers would make wooden talismans in the shape of goats, which were kept in shrines, and hang the heads of goats throughout the village from the sides of their homes or in trees.


  • Village Church and Graveyard
  • Luiza's House
  • Ceremony Site



  1. The Japanese word used is ikyōto (異教徒?) which would more appropriately refer to "heathens" or "pagans" rather than "heretics" and "infidels".
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