"An abandoned village in Europe that was featured in Resident Evil 4. This map features many classic set pieces from the game, including the sacrificial pillar in the center of the village. There are also lots of buildings that can be infiltrated, and you can climb up to the rooftops to find a good spot for your next attack."
— Official website description
Village (Map)

Village is a map playable in the 2016 online shooter, Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps. In the Japanese version it is known as Beginning of the Village (発端の村 hottan no mura?). It is a copy of the village center encountered in Resident Evil 4, which was also "Stage 1" of that game's Mercenaries mode.


"Ganados, from the Spanish Ganado (meaning "cattle"), are humans who have been infected with the Plaga parasite. After the evil schemes of the Los Iluminados were put to an end, the Ganados were eliminated and the village closed off. However, villagers wanting to return home broke through the quarantine zone, and it is thought that they fell victim to a wild form of the Plaga that remained in the environment."
— Enemy description
The only confirmed enemy are the Ganado villagers.



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