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Virus Memo is a file that can be found in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.


It is located just before the stairwell from Basement 3 to Basement 2, near the ceiling.


We go way back so I hope you forgive me cutting the formalities. I don't have much time. I must describe how to use the item in question.

The sample you have been given is from one of the mutation stocks. It possesses a unique characteristic. It should be injected into the host at least 5 minutes before needed. The results are almost immediate, but they do require a few minutes to completely take effect.

Even in death, as long as some portion of the host remains, the virus can reconstruct the rest of its body and bring it back to life. During this process, there is a brief period where the host appears, for all intents and purposes, dead.

In experiments with animals, 70% of the subjects grew more powerful as a result of this resurrection. Their muscular and circulatory systems far exceeded those they had possessed in life. This virus has been designed to conquer death. 20% came back to life, but with none of the beneficial side-effects present in the primary group. The remaining 10% remained dead.

In other words, there was a 90% revival rate. The virus has not been used on a human yet, but that is soon to change.

I'm not sure how this will help, but I'm sure you will put it to good use! Good luck.










There isn't much time.
I'll tell you how to use the thing in question.
We needn't be coy for old time's sake.

The sample I handed you is one of the variant strains.
It's got an interesting property.

It must be injected at least five minutes before an envisioned contingency.
Permeation is quick but still needs a couple of minutes.

If only a tissue fragment remains, the virus will resuscitate by rebuilding body tissues even if death results.
In addition, mid-rebuilding acts as a temporary state of suspended animation.

In animal tests, 70% changed into a so-called "strengthened state."
Muscular strength and cardiorespiratory ability were enhanced following survival.

The virus acts on things by overcoming the cause of death.

The remaining 20% resuscitated exhibited no bodily strengthening.
10% were never resuscitated.

Probability of resuscitation is approximately 90%.
Although I haven't tested it on humans, it's not a bad gamble.

I don't know what you'll use it for, but I know you'll use it well... Good luck.
Translation credits to Project Umbrella.


In the Japanese version, the opening sentence about William and Albert going "way back" is absent, instead starting with William saying they don't have much time. The phrase "mutation stocks" is better translated as William saying the virus is a "mutant strain" (変異体株 hen'i-tai kabu?), indicating it is a strain of another virus. Rather than refer to Wesker faking his death as the virus being "needed", the Japanese calls it an "assumed emergency" (想定する有事 sōtei suru yūji?).

In the next paragraph when William describes what the virus can do, the English version indicates it revives the dead. The Japanese version instead says that the infected will be in a state of apparent death (仮死状態 Kashi jōtai?) or suspended animation.

When describing the different test results, the Japanese response to the 20% group is shorter, quickly mentioning the group surviving with no "enhancements". "Dead" and "revival" are not used to describe the 10% group or the next paragraph - the Japanese file repeatedly refers to "resuscitation", highlighting that the infected are not actually dead.