Virus Report‏‎ is a file in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.



Work continues on the "T-Veronica" virus which I extracted from the queen ant. The more research I conduct on it, the more I am impressed by how much potential it has.

I have finally implanted the virus into my own body, and discovered how to utilize its power. I will avoid making the mistake that I made on my father. I will suppress the activity of the virus at an ultra-low temperature, so that my cells will change slowly.

My calculations indicate that it will take 15 years before my body will gain immunity, and become able to coexist with the virus.

Until then, I have no choice but to trust the capsule that I will be in, to that inept but loyal soldier ant who is my brother. For me to obtain unlimited power, some risks need to be taken.

When I awaken, I will be the queen... And the "T-Veronica" virus will be unleashed upon the entire world by my children. Every last creature on earth will exist to serve me.

At that time, the world will achieve the perfect ecosystem, just like an anthill, but on a much grander scale.

Alexia Ashford

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