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ORC backstory
(Operation Raccoon City's backstory)
Further notes

"I can see ... everything!"

Vladimir Bodrovski, codenamed "SPECTRE", was a member of the Umbrella Security Service renowned for his great sharpshooting ability. SPECTRE also has a goggle-like device that can be used in many ways like looking through walls and thermal imaging.


Previously with the former Soviet Union's security services, SPECTRE was well suited to his role as an intelligence technician where his lack of any standout physical or social characteristics helped him to remain virtually invisible in any situation.

His work brought him into contact with the seedier side of life, something he soon discovered he had an affinity for. He exploited his underworld network for his own gain, namely blackmail, which eventually brought him into conflict with the authorities. As a result, SPECTRE had to flee Russia with investigators and authorities on his heels every step of the way.

He found a home with the U.S.S., and his surveillance skills have regularly ensured that the corporation stays well informed and that the Wolfpack keeps the upper hand in combat situations.

Raccoon City[]

He, along with the rest of the Wolfpack were sent in to eradicate any damning evidence that would link Umbrella to the T-Virus outbreak and silence any potential witnesses to their operation.