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The Volcano is the final location in Resident Evil 5, featured in Chapter 6-3. This is where Chris and Sheva confront Albert Wesker for the last time, before being rescued by Jill and Josh with a helicopter.


Volcano (1)

Once Chris and Sheva crawl away from the aircraft wreckage, turn around to find a few crates and items; Red Herb, Rifle Ammo and Hand Grenade. Once player have pick up the collectibles items, move up the path to trigger a cutscene as Albert Wesker reappears.

When the battle begins, Wesker will have two possible attacks;

  • The flailing arm swing that will kill player instantly upon contact.
  • He fires projectile ooze, though player can avoid it by either running or follow the button prompts.[1]
Volcano (22)

Wesker approaching the player on the small island.

As Wesker swing his tentacle arms around, turn and run up the slope but stop before the player steps on the weak bridge. There is a large rock outcrop ahead that will fall if shot. Once the weak bridge collapses, head for the rock platform (which player had shoot early on) to reach a small passage where there will be the Diamond (Marquise).[2] Turn around and head back to where player had fall.

As Sheva, player can shoot Wesker from a distance. Once Wesker mutates his other arm, he will jump onto Sheva’s passage. Player must run away onto another weak bridge. Player must press the necessary button prompts as Sheva attempt to climb up onto the cliff again. Failing to press the button will cause Sheva to fall into the lava, resulting in instant death. Once the player has climbed up, follow the path forward and grab the green herb. Wait until Chris had knocked the boulder into the lava, creating a stepping stone for the player to jump onto.

Volcano (20)

Wesker weak spot on this back.

As Chris, jump across to a small island and head toward the path to the left where player can find a green herb. While Wesker attempt to swing his tentacle arms, his weak spot will reveal. Once Wesker approaches the player at the small island, he will raise the tentacles arm in the air, walk toward the player and perform a slam attack. This can be evaded by pressing the specified button. At some point after the player inflicts enough damage; Wesker will mutate his other arm into a tentacle form. He will jump onto where Sheva is. Player must hold Wesker by shooting from a distance as Sheva tries to climb up the collapsed weak bridge.

Volcano (30)

Player must press the button prompts to knock the boulder into the lava.

Once Sheva successfully climb up, player needs to run for the boulder at the southeast of a small island. Follow the button prompts to knock it into the lava; creating a stepping stone that Sheva can use to return and regroup with the player.

Head back to the top ground of the small island where there will be a checkpoint, as the final showdown with Wesker begins.

Volcano (38)

Player must press the button prompts as Chris restrain Wesker, while Sheva stab his weak spot on his chest.

As the final showdown begins, player has two ways to defeat Wesker in this battle:

  • Inflict massive damage to the back and chest weak spots. As Wesker weak spot appear, run behind him to use the Restrain button prompts as he staggers after the frontal vulnerability is shot. Restrain Wesker as Sheva approaches his chest to stab furiously.
  • Aim for face to stun Wesker, forcing him to backpedal by a couple of steps. Repeat this until he performs the whirlwind attack. If player get too close to the whirlwind attack, it will kill them instantly. As the weak spot on the chest is revealed, shoot it until Wesker is defeated.[3]
Volcano (52)

At this point, player must press the button prompts to fire the rocket launcher.

Once Wesker is defeated, he will fall into the lava as Chris and Sheva are rescued by Jill and Josh Stone with a helicopter. Wesker would perform his final attack as he grabs the helicopter and try to bring them down. As Chris and Sheva prepared to fire two RPG onto Wesker, player must press the button prompts in the final Quick-time Event to launch those rockets. Failure to do so will result in instant kill attack by Wesker.


Location Localization Action Original script
As the camera viewing the huge boulder. That's just the stepping stone I need. -



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