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WP Corporation was an American pharmaceutical company, known to have been headquartered in Harvardville. The company fell into a downward spiral in 2005 following the arrest of its chief researcher, Dr. Frederic Downing, on charges relating to bioterrorism, and by the end of the year was acquired by Tricell.


When WP was established is uncertain, though it was already in 1995 when it opened up offices in Harvardville. Having been stricken by the early 1990s recession, Harvardville became progressively dependent on WP for its local economy over the coming decade. By 2005 Harvardville was seen as a company town loyal to WP, with it becoming a social taboo to criticise the company.[1] Similarly, WP was associated with Senator Ron Davis, who had residence in the city and was a prominent shareholder and could apply political pressure on threats to the company.

Work with the Pentagon[]

During the early years of the Graham Administration, WP Corporation was involved in the development of a t-Virus vaccine, developed to prevent another outbreak like Raccoon City happening again. As the Umbrella Corporation began to collapse, samples of t-Virus made its way to the black market. In 2002 an early version was given emergency authorisation for use in India, and the vaccination of people around the disaster area prevented it spreading beyond where the Indian Army was deployed. The Graham Administration was impressed with its success and, seeing the increasing need for preventatives in future, secured Congressional funding for further vaccine research. Included in this Pentagon anti-bioterrorism programme was the construction of the Air Dome Laboratory, and a clinical trial to take place in India.

In July 2005, footage of the 2002 incident was given over to TerraSave. On 11 July, TerraSave formally accused WP of unethical practices and threatened ICC action, alleging a confirmed case of Cannibal Disease was caused by the unethical clinical trial of a prototype vaccine.[1] Unable to reveal the true nature of the trial, the allegations severely harmed the company, leading to a nationwide distrust of the pharmaceutical industry, which had only recently survived Umbrella's collapse with the founding of the Bioterroriism Security Assessment Alliance.


In November, Harvardville became the target of a coordinated bioterrorist campaign, resulting in a USARMIID-imposed quarantine of Harvardville Airport, the downing of an Atmos Airlines passenger plane and the subsequent destruction of the Air Dome Laboratory after bombing enabled an outbreak of t-Virus among the researchers. A subsequent investigation by both the Harvardville Police Department and US federal government directly linked WP to the incidents. Former WP virologist Dr. Curtis Miller was identified as both the airport attacker and laboratory bomber; having lost his family in Raccoon City, Miller's opposition to the t-Vaccine project led to his dismissal from the company and his radicalisation, seeing the attacks as a necessity in forcing the US government to disclose classified information regarding the outbreak there. Miller himself perished in the laboratory, which incinerated the remaining occupants after the outbreak.

Following Miller's death, evidence linked the attacks further to Dr. Frederic Downing, chief researcher for the company and executive in charge of the Air Dome Laboratory. After his arrest, he revealed he had supplied both Miller and the Indian rebels with t-Virus in an effort to advertise both the virus and vaccine's success to terrorist groups, with the bombing being a means of destroying the vaccine research and faking his death in the process.

The association with both criminals struck a fatal blow to WP, with the company becoming worthless on the stock market. By the end of the year WP was purchased by Tricell and its assets amalgamated.

Further notes[]

"A real healthcare company called Will Pharma ( objected to its association to the fictional WilPharma company that is named in the Resident Evil franchise. In response to a complaint from Will Pharma, Capcom agreed to remove references to WilPharma. Capcom and Will Pharma have instructed us to do the same. To avoid a potential lawsuit relating to the use of the WilPharma name, we have decided to change the references to WilPharma in the wiki."
— Resident Evil Wiki Admin Team joint statement


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