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Wait here for me is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. It plays during the Claire B scenario.


"Warning: the motor has been stopped due to problems with overheating."

Sherry Birkin: "Isn't this...?"

Claire Redfield: "That's okay. You keep it. I'm sure it'll keep you safe. Wait here for me, okay? I'm going back to look for your mum."

Sherry: "Thanks, Claire. Even though I'm an only child, neither of my parents ever spent much time with me. Because of their work. But, now that you're with me I finally have someone to rely upon."

Claire: "Sherry..."

"警告 動力がオーバーヒートのため緊急ストップしました"

Sherry Birkin:「これは・・・」

Claire Redfield:「あげるわ お守りよ 待っててね あなたのママを探してくるわ」

Sherry:「ありがとう・・・ 私 ずっと一人ぼっちで― パパもママも遊んでくれなかった いつもお仕事だって・・・ でも 今はクレアがいる 私もう さみしくない」


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