Further notes

Wall Blisters often appear as dormant, curled masses attached to various surfaces within the Queen Zenobia. In this state, they can be seen moving, but are seemingly unresponsive to any form of attack, furthermore they appear to be completely impervious to damage. Wall blisters will remain in this state of dormancy until certain conditions are met, after which they will then suddenly spring to life, and drop off whatever surface they were clinging onto.

After releasing themselves, they release a loud cry and will charge towards their target at an alarming speed, and attempt to grab their target. When caught, it then lifts the victim into the air and thrashes them around before snapping their back and tossing the body away.

Once the Wall Blister has been killed it will shrivel up into a mound before exploding - (though the explosion does not harm the player if near).


While Wall Blisters are incredibly agile and possess great strength, they are also fairly fragile.

When confronted by one, it is best to dispose of them as quickly as possible to avoid instant death. It is possible to evade the Wall Blister's instant death by letting them charges at you and dodging at the right time as the Wall Blister attempting to grab your leg and twist your back.

When a Wall Blister drops down from whatever surface it was clinging to, take the opportunity to act quickly and shoot it with a few blasts from your shotgun directly in the facial area - do this while backing up to keep a safe distance while also dealing damage to the creature. This kills them quickly and spares the effort and resources used to fight them.

Sniper rifles such as the Rifle M40A1 and Magnums are also an effective weapon to use against them. The M40A1 is moved from the Promenade to the Solarium, where Wall Blisters are introduced, as a result.

In the Raid Mode, the Wall Blisters start appearing from Raid Mode Level 1 Trench Difficulty. They appear in many variations of size, but still deadly. If the player is grabbed by a Wall Blister in Raid Mode, it is possible to escape certain death if their partner kills the creature before they are lifted into the air.

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