Wanted Enemies, also known as Wanted Creatures, are a special type of enemy in the Raid Mode of Resident Evil: Revelations. These creatures can be identified by their unique names next to their HP bar.

Wanted Enemies generally have higher stats than its vanilla counterpart, they deal more damage, have more HP, but will also always drop either a Weapon Case or Custom Part. All enemies in the game can be wanted except for Ghost Norman in The Ghost Ship / The Ghost Ship: Chaos.

Upon starting Raid Mode, Wanted Enemies will spawn in stages on all difficulties, but after later stages were completed on Abyss, these enemies will only appear in Abyss and sometimes, quite rarely, on Trench difficulties. There will be no more on Chasm.

Each stage that contains at least one wanted enemy will show a yellow "!" (RE Rev1 Wanted enemy symbol.png) sign on the stage's icon in the stage select menu. It's possible for multiple wanted enemies to appear in one stage as well.

In order to force wanted enemies to spawn, the player just needs to play stages and melee the golden BSAA emblem at the end. If one is farming wanted enemies for the Wanted Challenge RE.NET events, the most optimal way would be to:

  1. Play a stage that has a wanted enemy
  2. Kill the wanted enemy
  3. Finish the stage by meleeing the golden medal
  4. Another stage will have a wanted enemy
  5. Repeat

Both The Ghost Ship and The Ghost Ship: Chaos are the only stages where wanted enemies will never spawn in, but playing these will make them spawn in different stages.


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