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Warning Note is the name of a file hidden as part of the Inserted Evil ARG campaign for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. It was hidden on a subpage on[1]


Jacques, don't let anyone else see this -
I probably shouldn't even be writing it down,
but I can't risk having a conversation with you.
Destroy this once you have read it.

I'm unsure of Sergeant Ginovaef. I've heard him talking about
things he's done in the past and I'm not sure
I like what I've heard. You've heard about that team
that died under his command right? He was the only
survivor. Well what if that team wasn't killed by an enemy?
What if Umbrella ordered the massacre? Why, I don't know.
What if they wanted to test some new weapon...
like a bio weapon? I've heard things... Umbrella has
weapons that are totally inhuman. From what I've learned
about Umbrella, I wouldn't put it past them to test them
on its own troops. Civilians, enemy soldiers, their own
soldiers? It seems like it's all the same to them. And
Ginovaef is their pawn - just
some comments I've heard him make. Things that I shouldn't
have heard.

So I'm warning you to get out while you can. We're soldiers,
we're not murderers and we're not guinea pigs (which is
something else I hear). If Nicholai has done it once, he'll do it
again. If his orders tell him to. We can't trust him.
Because we can't trust them.

You won't see me again and I can't tell you where
I'm going. I only hope that Umbrella don't track me down.
Take my advice Jacques, get out too.



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