Raccoon City's and the Arklay Mountains' wasp population grew to huge sizes thanks to the viral outbreak. Their mutation was mostly limited to an increase in size and general aggression, common with the simpler t-virus-infected animals.

In Resident Evil

During the Arklay Mountains outbreak caused by James Marcus , normal wasps accidentaly got infected by the t-virus; this made them to grow in size and get agressive at whoever aproached near their hive.If threatened, they attacked their victim , in masses, with stings.

During the Raccoon City Outbreak, some Giant Wasps were founds by survivors in underground facilities and forestal areas as well. Not only their size and agression were caused by the t-virus, to their stings not to be lost after stinging an unlucky victim, meaning they can attack an infinite times. The virus also caused their venom to be more powerful, causing the death of the victim inevitable unless the venom was treated with Blue Herbs. Also, their venom also known as the V-Poison, was one of the three components to make the Daylight, an agent that stops the spread of the t-virus in a host's body, neutralizing it for good.


  • In the Resident Evil Remake, they can survive a different shots from several weapons, and even a [Rocket Launcher] shot, eventually a player has to walk on them in order to kill them for good.
  • They are more agressive and bigger in the Outbreak Series than they were in Resident Evil (DS, original and Remake).
  • Their attack in the Outbreak series will be harder to dodge, as in Resident Evil Remake a player can tap the bottons in order to make the wasps go away.
  • A good tactic to kill wasps is to play as Cindy, and when they're in mid-air ready to attack, to dodge and after the wasps passes through, to hit it with a Melee weapon (this has a chance to make the wasp to be stunned and drop in the floor, allowing the player to stomp,shoot or beating it to death) or shoot it.



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