The Waste Treatment Plant (廃棄処理場 Haiki shori-ba?) is an area of the courtyard underground.


Pile of sandbags and fences appears to be blocking the way. A ladder ahead goes down toward the waste treatment plant where old supplies otherwise label as "Waste Materials" are placed, waiting to be dispose using the garbage compactor. Watery stream appears to be running around place.


After reaching here, player cannot use the elevator anymore.Players can transport a large box from the Materials Storage to here. After it is have arrive, then player can move/push it all the way to the garbage compactor where it can be crush. A broken flamethrower can be obtain from it later.


Location Localization Original script
Sandbags A pile of sandbags.
The elevator It's broken.
Waste supplies Some old supplies. They're labeled "WASTE MATERIALS".
Garbage compactor A garbage compactor. There's a switch. Press it? Yes/No


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