The Waste treatment plant[1] is the room on the Ganado island devouted to the disposal of waste via a drop-off-point to a lower level. Leon and Ashley jump down the hole to evade the Ganados.


This is where the waste and garbage was brought together before being dump to the lower level.


A huge crane can be operate where it can be used to grab the Ganados that are guarding the area and throwing them off to the underground waste dump. Once done, the crane will no longer operational because it had been shutdown. A yellow herb can be found at the top of the table, while the Flash Grenade is inside a locker. The security to the door can be found at the left corner, though there is no need to operate. After rescuing Ashley from her captive, a group of Ganados militia will attempt to stop them here.

In Assignment: Ada, she will encounter much more hostile enemies such as the Gatling Man and unable to use the crane.


Main game
Location Action Localization Original script
The controls OPERATE These are levers for operating the overhead crane. Operate? (Choice: Yes / No)
The controls after using the crane CHECK They must have activated the safety shutdown switch. It's no longer operational.
The trash chute CHECK (view bottom) It's a waste dump.Maybe it leads to the lower levels?
The papers on the table CHECK Just a bunch of waste disposal records. Nothing useful here.
The switch CHECK It's a security switch for the door on the left.
The switch after the Ganado uses it CHECK It's a security switch for the door. Press it? (Choice: Yes / No)
The door the Ganado locks OPEN (locked door sound) They've locked it!
Assignment Ada
Location Action Localization Original script
The door that locks CHECK (locked door sound) It won't open.
The switch OPERATE A control panel for the door. Operate? (Choice: Yes / No)
The switch after using it OPERATE A control panel for the door. There's no need to operate it now.



  1. Biohazard 4 Kaitai Shinsho Kaitei Ban, page 320. "ゴミ処理場" translates as "Waste treatment plant"

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