The Watchman's Room is an area in the Resident Evil 2 remake.




Interact with the roller door and Elliot Edward will try to come out of it, once the scene is over, Leon / Claire will automatically pick up the Officer's Notebook. When trying to leave the room, a zombie will go through the door used to get inside the room. More zombies will also now appear in the hallway.

The shutter can be opened later on in the playthrough by picking up the Fuse (Break Room Hallway), which opens the way from this room to the B1 floor of the Police Station.


The shutter in this room is already opened in the [2nd] scenario and Elliot is also already dead / turned into a zombie, the Scrap of Paper file instead is acquired in this room, the player needs to make way from this room to the Break Room to get the Fuse (Main Hall), which opens the shutter that leads to the Main Hall from the East Office corridor.


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